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Party in a Restaurant with External Flash

By Friday, June 03, 2011 , ,

Okay, so the title doesn't have the wonders of creativity that many people can just throw out, but it is what it is. This picture is a favourite of mine that I took during my friend's 19th birthday. I love it so much because it looks unposed (to me anyway) and it looks kind of... fresh. I like that her hair isn't perfectly in place, although I do think that "perfect" pictures are beautiful, I think there's also a kind of beauty and likeability when the picture isn't groomed to perfection. During processing I purposely tried to not put in too much colour, I even took out a bit of colour to make it look a bit more real. This was the first time (apart from MCM, which I will be doing a post on eventually) I used my Nissin Di226 outside of the house. I'm generally quite pleased with the results, but there were times where I didn't know how to use the flash in order to properly light up my friends' faces.

One of the problems that I faced in the restaurant was the clutter. There were a couple of walls that could be used, but I don't think that I would have been able to bounce the flash and create the same look that's here. I did do some processing on this picture and the next one, I did some blurring and I used some adjustments to make the eyes pop a little bit. To make the eyes pop, I used an action from The CoffeeShop Blog because I haven't quite gotten to the point where I can create and use my own adjustments yet. To be honest I haven't actually tried it yet, something to do this weekend :). Anyway, as for the face, I simply did some blurring. I did it by using the blur tool, choosing a low opacity setting, and then slowly building it up to give the coverage that  I want. It's like putting on make-up really. Apart from that, I just increased the vibrancy and saturation a little bit.

This has the same processing as mentioned before, but as you can see this one didn't go quite as well in terms of the flash. I love the way my friend has her face lit up, but somehow my other friend's ear was highlighted as well. The most frustrating thing is that I don't know how it happened, so I can't learn from it. There was a mirror behind me so that could've had something to do with it. The girl in this picture actually has her own blog:

Her main subject of choice is politics, but she also talks about daily life, fashion and (like all bloggers) interests in her life. I don't generally get into politics because its a very heated topic for many people and I don't enjoy confrontation (most of the time anyway). These are strictly her thoughts, so if you want to go for a more stimulating blog post then please go to her! She only has one or two posts up so far, so please be as patient with her as you have with me.

Hopefully, I'll be talking about MCM in the next few posts, and maybe about adjustments in Cs5 (once I play around with them a bit).

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